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Align with your Soul
and activate your Higher Purpose


The Soul Blueprint Reading

A journey of self-discovery, a reading of 80 minutes.

This is a sacred Soul reading one to one with Georgie and it reveals all the coding in your Soul Blueprint, as well as your multi-dimensional aspects.

It reveals your Divine Gifts and Talents from this life and your super powers encoded in your DNA

Highlights the challenge areas where you find your hidden Gifts of Gold
Shows the Goal areas that your soul wishes you to aim for in this life.

This will help to illuminate your soul's plan and higher purpose options.

It reveals The Soul Destiny, which is your reason for being here. Your WHY.

A Soul blueprint Reading costs £111 and is a sacred one to one session with me virtually.  

You will also receive a chart to keep as a reference to all your coding.

I also give everyone a PDF of my personal daily energy management routine.

The session is highly transformational and illumination of the chart will alchemize the codes; activating them to the positive and allowing you to begin to fully embody them.

On a personal level, this system has transformed my life and those of my clients, family and friends.

My role here on Earth is to reveal the Soul Map to high frequency souls (Lightworkers, Starseeds and multidimensional souls) so that they can align with their Soul Purpose in this life and get their missions up and running.


"I had a reading with Georgie and quite honestly it blew me away... I highly recommend this to anybody who is considering a reading because it is such a powerful pivoting point along anyone's soul journey" Carolyne Bennett.

"Georgie revealed me to me. Using the Soul Purpose System, she brilliantly, graciously, lovingly opened my consciousness and understanding that what I’ve taken for granted about myself is already the activation and fulfillment of my Soul Destiny. I didn’t know that I knew; and though it sounds weird to say: I am joyfully surprised by me.

What Georgie told me about me has just "blown me away" (one way of putting it) and "brought me home to myself" (a simultaneous way of putting it). So, I loved everything about the reading and the reader. Georgie, you are an incredibly beautiful, loving, and lovable person, inside and out.

Thank you for saying YES to your Gifts." Catherine F.

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