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Awakening your Divine Superpowers
Activating your Inner Wonder Woman!

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Brand new 8 Week Course

Are you feeling inspired to step into your Divine Superpowers?

Are you being called to take action and step into your Wholeness?

The time has come to reclaim your innate power and reveal your True Self fearlessly to the World! No more hiding!


Each one of us came here at this incredible time on earth to bring heaven to earth in our own unique way.  As lightworkers we are destined to collaborate and weave our own unique thread into the tapestry of the New Earth.


Eveline and Georgie have had the call to offer a programme to support other women in their divine expression and access their magic that has been suppressed over lifetimes of Patriarchy. For centuries women have been persecuted and suppressed for their mystic powers and have lost their voices as a result. Our mission is to empower other women to be courageous and step into their Divine Super Powers.


What to Expect:


  • Further Illumination of your Soul Plan

  • Healing last layers of trauma caused by patriarchal programming

  • Shamanic journeys to find your own unique gifts

  • Using Movement and Sound to release your own personal expression and creativity

  • Divine feminine guided meditation ( Latifa prayer ) to reconnect with your true Self 

  • Light language healing and activation 

  • Soul blueprint group activation



  • Reclamation of your personal power

  • The ability to express your unique magic to the world

  • Heart opening and connection to give you courage to be your loving powerful self

  • Strong foundations to manifest  your highest timeline

  • A deeper knowing of your Soul and Self 

  • Activation of your Superpowers so that you can confidently apply them to all aspects of life


Please note, there are only 22 spaces for this course as we feel this is the maximum number of ladies we can support fully.

The Course will  run from Monday September 12th - October 24th

Time: 7:30 UK ( 8:30p.m. CEST, 2:30 p.m EST)

In order to be eligible for this course, you must have had a soul blueprint reading. For those that have had one, the price will be £333.

For those that have not, the price will be £444  as this includes the price for a soul blueprint reading.

We are also offering a payment plan option consisting of 3 monthly instalments of £175.

We are so excited to support you on this journey!

Much love 

Georgie & Eveline

GG October 21.jpg

My name is Georgie Garwood and I'm a Quantum Oracle, Soul purpose Activator and Intuitive Coach who awakens high frequency souls to their true divine sovereignty; by aligning them with their personal soul blueprint and empowering them to share their knowledge of truth, love and unity with the world.

Georgie's experiences and qualifications include Certified Quantum Oracle, Animal Communicator, Angelic Reiki Healer, Teaching dance and has worked in farming, horticulture, sales and marketing.


Eveline Zwikker is an Oracle Alchemist , a Self- Love sage, a soul alignment coach, and a heart centred wayshower  based in the Netherlands, who teaches newly awakened women lacking in Self Love, to realign with their soul and reconnect with their divine loving Self through alignment of the Soul in order to create empowered and joyful lives. By being a powerful channel and catalyst, Eveline lovingly guides her clients to their Authentic Self. Her mission is to awaken higher consciousness to create empowerment  and spread unconditional love.

"I had a reading with Georgie and quite honestly it blew me away... I highly recommend this to anybody who is considering a reading because it is such a powerful pivoting point along anyone's soul journey" Carolyne Bennett.

"Georgie revealed me to me. Using the Soul Purpose System, she brilliantly, graciously, lovingly opened my consciousness and understanding that what I’ve taken for granted about myself is already the activation and fulfillment of my Soul Destiny. I didn’t know that I knew; and though it sounds weird to say: I am joyfully surprised by me.

What Georgie told me about me has just "blown me away" (one way of putting it) and "brought me home to myself" (a simultaneous way of putting it). So, I loved everything about the reading and the reader. Georgie, you are an incredibly beautiful, loving, and lovable person, inside and out.

Thank you for saying YES to your Gifts." Catherine F.

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