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Magic and Miracles
Animal Alchemy to Change the World:
Horse Power


Workshop with Georgie Garwood
and Helen Goldstein

11 November 7PM UK Time

We welcome you to this beautiful workshop.


Helen has had messages downloaded to her over many years and months and some of the information is now to be shared with you all. Helen has worked with King Solomon, Ascended Masters and Archangels over this time.

Here is a channelled message from King Solomon from the House of Wisdom.
Received on 12th October 2021.

"Welcome you magnificent and beautiful souls who await in your power to assist in the ascension of Planet Earth.


We thank you all for answering the clarion call at this pivotal time and hold in great admiration your trials and tribulations that you have addressed with boldness, courage and resolve to your utmost best.


There is no creation greater than you that can help our beloved Planet at this point in her evolution; however there is a creature of equal magnificence, power and pure truth that your creator has sent to be at your side that can assist you in the next phase of your task.


This soul creation is The Horse. Together you will power and ignite the spark in the centre of Mother Earth to bring forth the Golden Age in its fullness and Truth. 


Together you will become the "Knights of Veritas" where you will live in a World of Great Peace. A World where no one claims ownership and secrets do not exist.


We are all here for you, with you and by you and hold you in the heart of creation of pure love.


Go forth blessed ones - you can do this."



Message received 09:26 Tuesday 12th October 2021 from THE HOUSE OF WISDOM

In this workshop we will be working under the Law of Grace, with the Power of the Horse and many high frequency beings to clear, reprogramme and activate the Earth Grids.

There will be guided meditations and visualisations to restore the Energetic Web, ready to bring forward the knowledge, wisdom and truth for the Golden Age. 


You will be receiving personal messages and guidance to help you on your ascension path, whilst knowing you are playing a pivotal role in helping our beloved planet.

If you are unable to attend the live zoom, a recording will be available, which will be just as powerful.

We're looking forward to sharing this sacred knowledge with you on 11th November 7pm UK time


"I had a reading with Georgie and quite honestly it blew me away... I highly recommend this to anybody who is considering a reading because it is such a powerful pivoting point along anyone's soul journey" Carolyne Bennett.

"Georgie revealed me to me. Using the Soul Purpose System, she brilliantly, graciously, lovingly opened my consciousness and understanding that what I’ve taken for granted about myself is already the activation and fulfillment of my Soul Destiny. I didn’t know that I knew; and though it sounds weird to say: I am joyfully surprised by me.

What Georgie told me about me has just "blown me away" (one way of putting it) and "brought me home to myself" (a simultaneous way of putting it). So, I loved everything about the reading and the reader. Georgie, you are an incredibly beautiful, loving, and lovable person, inside and out.

Thank you for saying YES to your Gifts." Catherine F.

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