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"Look no further if you want authentic connection to the divine. I have personally known Georgie Garwood for 15 years. During that time we have experienced off the scale spiritual connection. Georgie's style is far reaching and she is really able to pinpoint and address real issues. People no longer want guidance they want real spiritual connection. 

That's Georgie."


"After having my reading I felt it opened up a new realm in my life, a deeper understanding of myself. It has helped me move forward, made me aware of all I wish to achieve, shown me my purpose in life, why I am here. Thank you Georgie" 

- Valerie 

"I have had a few readings in my life and this is by far the most important one. To get clarity and confirmation on who I really am. Inspiring, helpful and fun! Georgie is lovely and very talented. A must have for anyone on the ascension journey."


- Charlotte J

"I had a reading with Georgie and quite honestly it blew me away... I highly recommend this to anybody who is considering a reading because it is such a powerful pivotal point along anyone's soul journey"


- Carolyne Bennett

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